Surgical Adson Cranial Rongeur, SPNI-031


8″ (20.3 cm), curved jaws 7 x 13 mm
Industry Price: $431.50 ea.
SurgiPro Price: $159.95 ea.


Surgical Adson Cranial Rongeur:

  • After extractions, the Adson Cranial Rongeur is a surgical instrument used to trim, shape, and remove the bone.
  • The 8.0-millimeter thick jaw of this tool makes it ideal for gripping bone tissue and other dense tissue areas like cartilage.
  • Surgical Grade, Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments.
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What are the characteristics of surgical adson cranial rongeur?

The Adson Cranial Rongeur has a number of surgical features.

  1. Its primary function is to scrape off small bone fragments, cartilaginous tissue, and other adnexal tissues in order to atraumatically expose the surgical field.
  2. The device has oval scoop-shaped jaws that are used to debulk the bone with precise bites.
  3. The jaws also come in straight and curved profiles, which surgeons can choose from depending on the surgical technique.
  4. Furthermore, the Adson Cranial Rongeur has a plier grip style handle for superior holding.
  5. A spring mechanism is also included in the handle, which allows for the smooth closing of the jaws against each other.

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