Surgical Hooks

Surgery hooks:

Surgical hooks are typical surgical devices that may be found in most German surgical instrument sets and are used for tissue examination, management, and abduction. Surgical hook often known as surgery hook is actually a small instrument used for surgery and make possible for the surgeon to grasp and separate small tissues like nerves.

There are different variety of surgical hooks as shown in below. The most commonly used are frazier dura hook, surgical skin hooks, surgical fish hooks and surgical bone hook. These hooks helps veterinarians to simplify procedures during surgery.

Surgical hooks for sale from Surgipro are available in several varieties including hooks with sharp tips, hooks with blunt tips, hooks with ball tips, curved hooks, straight hooks and more. Of these varieties, we offer many different types of hooks used in surgery including dissecting hooks, dura hooks, skin hooks, ear hooks, tenaculum hooks, uterine hooks, iris hooks, crypt hooks and more. Our surgical grade hooks are designed for use as probes for dissection, for raising blood vessels and to manipulate small pieces of tissue in surgical procedures.

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