Dressing & Tissue Forceps - Tungsten Carbide

Dressing Tissue Forceps - Tungsten Carbide

Dressing & Tissue Forceps - Tungsten Carbide used for grabbing and holding dressings, sutures, and biological tissues. They have tungsten carbide inlays that make them stronger and more durable.

Some of these forceps also have a cross-serrated surface that grips the tissues well and prevents them from slipping.


Their serrated form is perfect for firmly grasping dressings, while the rounded, blunt points aid to reduce iatrogenic patient discomfort. The ridged grip on the gold-plated handle provides comfort and control to the user. Our tungsten carbide forceps have tungsten carbide tips, which are the toughest metal available for surgical equipment. The tungsten carbide inserts have precision-milled serrations, resulting in pyramid-shaped teeth that give a non-slip grip. The pyramid-shaped teeth properly match with one another to provide a lasting and trustworthy grasp of the most delicate or difficult tissues, as well as needles, sutures, dressing materials, and delicate vessels. For delicate treatments, smooth tungsten carbide inserts are also available.

SurgiPro's instruments has established itself as one of the industry's top producers of medical instruments and supplies due to the high quality of our goods and the superior workmanship that is a part of the manufacturing process. Our clients are medical experts from all around the world who have high expectations for the performance of their tools and instruments. We take pride in offering extremely effective and dependable goods that can be used to get the greatest results. We sell a genuinely astonishing selection of thumb forceps for diverse surgical applications as part of our premium offer of plastic surgery equipment. The forceps in our portfolio are top-of-the-line medical devices that are designed to provide excellent performance, ease of handling, and post-application care.

The surgical grade dressing and tissue forceps on this page are made with premium tungsten carbide to offer better performance and extended durability. Our dressing and tissue forceps with tungsten carbide are designed for grasping tissues in surgical operations and handling tissues with minimal trauma during surgery.

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