Rectal Instruments:

We provide a diverse range of rectal and other German stainless steel surgical instruments or options, allowing you to select the best equipment and approach for each patient. We offer a variety of high-quality surgical products for proctologists and colorectal surgeons’ specific demands within our surgical specialty portfolios.

Surgipro offers a wide selection of stomach, intestine, and rectum instruments for use during abdominal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, gall bladder removal, and colorectal surgery in the operating room, on the wards, or in any surgical environment.

Anoscopes, sphincteroscopes, proctoscopes, fistula probes, rectal snares, foreceps, scissors, haemorrhoid instruments, intestinal clamps, pylorus clamps, rectal specula, rectal spreader, pelvis retractors, rectal retractors, and stomach and intestinal tools are among the equipment available.

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