The Suturing Instruments Used in Wound Management

The Suturing Instruments Used in Wound Management

Posted on 13th May 2022

Suturing success requires a well-equipped suturing kit. It’s critical to use high-quality equipment that are the correct size for the location and kind of the wound being closed. The danger of infection is reduced even more if the wound is managed with care and the devices are sterilised properly.

The following items are included in a basic suturing kit:

The goals of suturing a wound are plain and straightforward. The first step is to prevent infection from spreading to the wound. The second is to assist in the reduction of wound bleeding. A third goal is to create an attractive scar rather than a horrific mass of tissue.

Many case studies now place a greater emphasis on the aesthetics of the wound healing process rather than the risk of infection. This is because, regardless of the technique, the rate of infection is often minimal.

Although basic tissue healing procedures and concepts haven’t evolved much in the last century, there are a variety of options available to make the procedure a therapeutic experience.

Suture materials

Suture materials are often divided into two categories:

  • Absorbable sutures are typically utilised for buried sutures that do not need to be removed. They are very absorbable since they lose their tensile strength in less than two months.
  • Non-absorbable — Even after two months, this type of material retains the majority of its tensile strength. Because it is non-absorbable, it is used to close wounds on the skin’s surface and must be removed.

Suturing needles are made specifically for this function and come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit each wound. For example, curved needles are only used in dermatological surgery.

Needles are divided into two basic types:

  • Cutting Needles — These triangular cross-sectioned needles cut away at the tissue they are put against, as their name implies. As a result, less force is necessary to pass the needle, but minor puncture holes may remain. They are commonly used for suturing the surface of the skin.
  • Non-cutting Needles — These needles have a rounded cross section and are used to move tissue aside and close it around the suture. When opposed to cutting needles, operating with more force is employed for organ repair and subcutaneous closure.

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