Surgical Beck-Schenck Tonsil Snare, SPTI-003

10" (25.4 cm), complete with one straight and one vedder tip

Surgical Beck-Schenck Tonsil Snare, SPTI-003

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Was: Industry Price: $652.90
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Surgical Beck-Schenck Tonsil Snare, SPTI-003

Was: Industry Price: $652.90
Now: SurgiPro Price: $489.95

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10" (25.4 cm), complete with one straight and one vedder tip.

Surgical Beck-Schenck Tonsil Snare:

  1. Polyps that grow on the colon are usually removed with surgical snares. After inserting a fiberoptic colonoscope to examine the interior lining of the colon, the surgeon performs a polypectomy.
  2. Surgical Grade, Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments.
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What are the characteristics of surgical beck-schenck tonsil snare?

Tonsil snare manufactured of nickle-plated steel by Beck-Schenck, which is made up of three sections that fit together:

  1. A hollow cylindrical length with an open oval head; the bottom of the cylindrical length has an attached square length of metal with a rounded slot cut into it on the left side;
  2. A finger grip piece fits over this square section and has a round finger ring on the right and left sides;
  3. An attached cylindrical snare wire holder fits inside the cylindrical length and comes out through the opening in the head;
  4. The handle fits into the slot in the square length and screws onto the base of it;
  5. The piece of the handle that fits through is cylindrical and threaded;
  6. The handle end has a round thumb grip with a rounded piece attached to the outer edge;
  7. The finger grips can be moved up and down and make the snare wire holder move in and out of the opening in the head when all three pieces are joined.
  8. The wire loop snare is designed to encircle and remove the afflicted tonsil.
  9. A ratchet attachment is supplied for the snare to aid in enucleation.
  10. Surgeon fatigue is reduced due to the lightweight construction of the surgical tool.

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