Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamp, SPHF-106


1 3/4″ (4.4 cm), angled jaws, 8 mm x 1.2 mm

Industry Price: $118.30 ea.
SurgiPro Price: $88.95 ea.


Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamp:

The surgical instrument is used for clamping and occluding blood vessels during cardiothoracic surgical procedures

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What are the features of a micro bulldog clamp?

  • During cardiothoracic surgical procedures, the Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamps are utilized to clamp and occlude blood arteries.
  • The characteristics include a tweezers-shaped body with ribbed thumb support handles, as well as serrated jaws for tightly grasping vessels without injuring their walls or surrounding structure.
  • These devices are made of German surgical stainless steel of the highest quality.
  • This metal keeps it light and rust-resistant.
  • The overall length of the instrument is 1 7/8″ and it has angled jaws for a secure grasp like foreceps.