Surgical Cooley – Satinsky Clamp, SPAF-048


5 1/2″ (14 cm)

Industry Price: $377.40 ea.
SurgiPro Price: $199.95 ea.

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Satinsky Clamp:

This surgical instrument is used in cardiothoracic procedures for anastomosis between two vessels.


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  • Satinsky Clamp is a top-quality stainless steel surgical tool made in Germany. To check different varieties of the product visit thoracic & cardiovascular Instruments.
  • Surgical Grade, Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments.
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What are the silent features of satinsky clamp?

  1. Satinsky Debakey Vascular Clamps are used to prevent blood from flowing through blood vessels.
  2. The targeted segment is held in place by this clamp, while blood continues to flow through the unclamped side.
  3. It’s designed specifically for use in cardiothoracic surgery.
  4. Finger-ring grips and a ratchet lock mechanism are among the features, as are innocuous teeth that perform jobs with minimal impact to the surrounding structure.
  5. The slightly angled u-shaped jaw grips the vessel well enough without damaging or crushing the vessel’s walls.
  6. The overall length of the instrument is 9 3/4″.
  7. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles to support a wide range of orientations and sizes.
  8. The instrument’s body is made entirely of medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring its lifespan and durability.

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