Surgical Schlesinger Pituitary Rongeur, SPNI-095


6″ (15.2 cm) shanks, serrated cup jaws, straight, 3 x 10 mm bite
Industry Price: $538.10 ea.
SurgiPro Price: $363.95 ea.


Surgical Schlesinger Pituitary Rongeur:

What are the characteristics of  Schlesinger Pituitary Rongeur?

  1. Rongeurs are mostly utilized to remove the spinous process and bony prominence.
  2. Pituitary rongeur is a surgical tool that is used to remove bone pinch by pinch, allowing surgeons to avoid damaging nerves and blood vessels.
  3. Depending on how many bones must be removed during treatment.
  4. Instruments have varied jaw widths and sharpnesses depending on the use.
  5. Upcut and down-cut rongeurs are favored depending on the indication and needs, and jaws are also built at varying angles of a degree for a better approach.

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