Surgical Beyer Rongeur, SPEI-128


7″ (17.8 cm), double action, slightly curved jaws 3.5 mm wide
Industry Price: $306.00 ea.
SurgiPro Price: $229.95 ea.


Surgical Beyer Rongeur:

  • Rongeurs have a hefty, pointed jaw, similar to pliers. Rongeurs are used to chew holes in bones during surgery because of their heavy construction.
  • The rongeur’s scoop-shaped tip is used to gouge the bone.
  • Surgical Grade, Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments.
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How to use beyer rongeur to get the best out of it?

The beyer rongeur is simple to use; simply grab the two ends with one hand (as if using pliers), then cut through the exposed bone by removing small millimeter chips. A rongeur is a tool that is used to open a window in bone, most commonly the skull.

What are the characteristics of the beyer rongeur?

The tool is also called bone cutters and is used to cut through bones with a sharp edge or to split bones into two halves.

  • A rongeur is a powerful device with a scoop-shaped, sharp-edged tip that is used to gouge out the bone.
  • Rongeur is a French term that translates to “gnawer” or “rodent.”
  • Pituitary Rongeurs are used in neurosurgery to gouge off a piece of bone tissue during surgery.
  • They are surgical devices that are lightweight, dependable, and atraumatic.
  • They have a finger ring grip that fits nicely in the hand and allows for precise control of the instrument.

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