Surgical Barr Anal Retractor, SPRO-222


8″ (20.3 cm), self- retaining, blades 2 3/4″ (7 cm) x 7/8″ (2.2 cm)
Industry Price: $447.00 ea.
SurgiPro Price: $299.95 ea.


Barr Anal Retractor

The self-retaining blades of the Anal Retractor can be inserted into the anus and opened up to 3″ for surgical procedures in the lower rectum or anus. The perpendicular ring grips allow for more precise blade widening and control.


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Barr Anal Retractor


2 3/4" (7 cm) x 7/8" (2.2 cm)


German Stainless Steel


Finest Grade