Scissors Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Scissors

Our surgical scissors with gold handles have tungsten carbide inserts in the blades. Tungsten carbide instruments are more durable, hold an edge longer and last longer than stainless steel instrument.

The hardness of tungsten carbide is five times that of stainless steel. Tungsten carbide inlays in the blades of scissors endure substantially longer than stainless steel scissors. Some of our scissors combine the advantages of razor-sharp Sure Cut blades with the tungsten carbide's durability.

The surgical grade scissors on this page are made with premium tungsten carbide to offer better performance and extended durability. Our tungsten carbide scissors are designed in a variety of blade configurations of blunt blades and sharp blades. These surgery scissors with tungsten carbide are designed to aid surgeons in cutting or dissecting of tissue.

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