Nasal Instruments

Nasal Instruments/ Forceps

Cannulas, curettes, elevators, picks and knives, hooks, needles and needle clamps, probes and punches, rasps, retractors, scissors, speculums, and suction tubes are some of the Nasal forceps typically used in nasal procedures. Contact us if you don't see the instrument pattern you're looking for.

The surgical nasal instruments (surgical ENT instruments) offered here by Surgipro are made with high quality German stainless steel. These nasal instruments are designed to aid in nasal surgery procedures including types of sinus surgery, transnasal skull base surgery, deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) and tubinectomy (nasal airway surgery procedures). Our nasal instruments include nasal forceps, septum forceps, nasal scissors, nasal specula, septum specula, nasal cannula, nasal snares, antrum curettes, antrum rongeurs and more.

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