Uterine Manipulator – SPTMI-1151


Snap-on handle allows to easily place the cervical stop against the cervical wall.
Industry Price: $349.95 / box of 12
SurgiPro Price: $299.95 / box of 12



Uterine Manipulator:

Uterine Manipulator is Ideal for Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion, Diagnostic Laparoscopy, Minilaparotomy, Salpingoplasty.

  1. “Snap-on handle allows to easily place the cervical stop against the cervical wall.
  2. Reduced catheter shaft diameter (4.5mm) allows for easy insertion.
  3. Unique pear-shaped balloon conforms to anatomy and allows for a secure seal of the cervical opening to prevent injection leaks
  4. The flexible extension prevents cracking of Luer fitting
  5. Atraumatic beveled catheter tip reduces trauma to the uterine wall

What are the characteristics of uterine manipulators?

Gynecologic surgeons need uterine manipulators when doing laparoscopic surgeries as one of the most important surgical instruments.
The uterine manipulator is a straightforward one-time-use gadget. It uses an internally inflated balloon to keep the uterus stable. It has a forward cup to displace the ureter, retract the bladder, and define the colpotomy incision correctly, as well as a reverse cup to keep the pneumoperitoneum in place. The locking-unlocking screw enables independent motions between the internal shaft and the cup that delimits the vaginal fornices if necessary.


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